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Jute Bags are an excellent substitute of those plastic and other bags which harm ourselves.. by polluting environment, killing wildlife and lots more. With billions of those bags being made annually, they end up littering our streets, filling our landfills and polluting our oceans. Due to high demand of bangladeshi jute bags for its kind, Bangladesh try to export quality jute bags to meet global demand.

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of all kind of jute packaging bags as well as natural jute shopping, promotional and other bags. If you are looking for jute bags for any kind of agricultural, industrial or other packaging, we are ready for the best deal with you.

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We specialized in jute sacks and hessian jute bags. We offer Jute Sacking Bags of high quality available in plain and twill forms. Sacking is the basic jute product that is known in the bag trade as heavy goods.

Our agricultural and industrial packaging jute bags or jute sacks manufactured from the high quality jute as per the national and international quality standards.

We export industrial or agricultural Jute Sacking Bags which are suitable for storing high volume and bulky commodities. These bags available in natural color with options for prints.

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Jute Gunny Sacks or Jute Sacking Bags

Jute Hessian Cloth and Burlap Bags

We also export other kind of jute Bags which are made of 100 % natural jute. Jute bags are durable and stylish too. They are not only great for carrying groceries but also can be used at the beach and pool, as a book bag or for shopping in general.


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Our jute shopping bags can be made from different colors of jute with a variety of handles like Bamboo, Cane, Rope, and Tape etc.

We, Best Jute Bangladesh, are manufacturers and exporters of Jute Bags, Jute Sacks, Jute Promotional Bag, Jute Christmas Bags, Jute Designer Bag, Jute Fancy Bags . Our main motto is to manufacture and export of Jute Products in diversified and innovative fashion. We manufacture and export all kind of natural jute bags that are created with traditional & trendy designs.

The use of jute bags is increasingly becoming a favored promotional material concept such as shopping bags made of jute material.

Aside from the fact that jute is eco-friendly, durable and flexible. Customers like it that they can actually re-use their jute bags for other purposes.