Jute and Bangladesh

Jute - A crop which is cultivated mainly in the Bengal Delta, most of which is occupied by Bangladesh. Jute fibers are extracted from plants through various stages such as retting, stripping, washing and drying. The color of jute varies from light tan to brown and it can be easily bleached or dyed.

Globally jute is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton in regard to terms of usage, production, and availability. Jute fibre is a totally natural biodegradable and compostable fibre obtained from the jute plant and it is therefore an extremely attractive renewable resource for those who give top priority to environmental and ecological concerns.

Bangladeshi jute known as ‘golden fibre’ because of the quality of jute it produced. For centuries, Bangladeshi Jute dominate the world market for its higher quality fibers. JUTE was the single most important export item of Bangladesh till the end of 1980s. Still jute is one of the largest export oriented industries in Bangladesh and its contribution to the national economy is significant. According to the Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation, major destinations of Bangladesh’s jute goods export are Middle East, African Countries, European countries, South East Asia, Australia and USA.


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Bangladeshi Jute Products

Bangladeshi jute are traditionally being used in both packaging of food grade materials and industrial packaging. it also used for various kind of shopping bags, promotional bags and geo-textiles.


Bangladesh produces the finest quality natural jute fibre. As such Bangladeshi jute product manufacturer or exporter has an extra advantage in manufacturing top grade jute products by using best quality natural fiber.

As the demand for natural fibre blends increases, the demand for jute and other natural fibres that can be blended with cotton is expected to increase. Jute’s profile in the textile industry has expanded beyond traditional applications and is being used in various higher value textiles for furnishings as well as in composites particularly as a wood fibre. Although currently diversified jute products account for a small percentage of total consumption this segment could expand rapidly with further investment in resources and expertise.

The major manufactured products from jute are: Yarn and twine, jute sacking, hessian, carpet backing cloth and as well as for other textile blends.

Growing international interest for diversified and lifestyle jute products have prompted Bangladeshi jute manufacturers and exporters to develop value-added jute products like jute gunny bag or sack bags, jute yarn and twine, handicrafts, shopping bags, beach bags, sports and travel bags, wine bags and other jute textiles.

Jute is one of the most valuable natural resources of Bangladesh and is truly ruled the world market. Bangladeshi Jute bags are available in neutral and earthy colors like olive green and different shades of white. These quality jute bags made their way into almost every nature lovers home.

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